GSF, LLC – Efficiency Building Certifications


Type of Project: Building Certification

Services Provided: 

  • LEED Homes Multifamily Certification
  • LEED BD&C v4 Certification
  • Energy Star Certification
  • Energy audits of existing facilities
  • Building performance testing and commissioning for new and existing facilities
  • Energy monitoring
  • Solar PV review
  • Energy rebate processing
  • Building envelope upgrades

Green Building Hawaii has worked on a number of affordable housing projects assisting in the efforts to build energy efficient and affordable low income and senior rental housing that meet LEED or ENERGY STAR standards.

GSF, LLC is one of these low-income housing developers who often partners with non-profit entities like Catholic Charities and local builders.

From building certifications such as LEED and Energy Star, to energy auditing and retrofit project management, GBH has helped guide the group of local professionals through the nuanced and complex process while remaining within tight budgets.