Building a Greener Hawai’i Through Partnership

Green Building Hawaii is a sustainability leader supporting Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI) goals across the islands.

We help builder partners meet their sustainability and operational goals with a catalog of inspection and consulting services, whether single and multi-family residential, commercial, or restoration/retrofit projects.

Building professionals choose to work with us because of our unique ability to navigate and advise the most cost-effective options to meet the state’s continually evolving energy codes and compliance pathways. We’re committed to helping clients offset rising building costs, allowing them to earn every eligible incentive and rebate through programs and partnerships like Hawaii Energy.

Verifying Healthier Buildings, One Blower Door Test at a Time!

Energy Efficiency Specialist Austin Van Heusen illustrates a blower door test to measure air tightness and identify areas to make home performance improvements.

Performing a blower door test is a critical component of establishing proper building envelope performance and airtightness. To help avoid moisture problems, control harmful outdoor air contaminants, pests, and other air pollutants from entering buildings that impact our health and well-being.

By verifying appropriate airflow requirements for heating and cooling equipment, and mechanical ventilation systems, we achieve healthier indoor air quality and reduced energy consumption, providing greater peace of mind and lower operating costs for people and our communities!

Building a Greener Hawai’i Through Partnership
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