Susty Pacific is a Hawaiʻi-based management consulting firm specializing in responsible business and sustainability. Their expertise and knowledge combine business competency with sustainability to develop tangible solutions that address the reality of business needs. Susty Pacific develops solutions that meet business goals while positively impacting the local culture, community, and natural ecosystem – they call this approach the Quadruple Bottom Line (QBL). Their services include sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) planning, strategy, program development, metrics and indicators, analysis, reporting, communications, and capacity building. Susty Pacific also offers stakeholder engagement, program evaluation, and traditional management consulting services in marketing, finance, operations, and strategy.

The Sustainable Living Institute of Maui (SLIM) strives to be the premier institution for fostering sustainable, innovative methods of community development and management. The Institute draws students not only from Maui, but also from the entire state of Hawai’i and around the world to learn about and apply the sustainable sciences. These sciences are grounded in the watershed management system and draw inspiration from the Native Hawaiian land management system embodied in the ahupua’a. The Institute serves as a catalyst to make the island of Maui a prototype for the development of sustainable island communities.

Resort Energy Ventures (REV) was founded to assist hotels and other organizations located in resort regions of the globe meet their energy needs with responsible, sustainable, and economically viable solutions. Green Building Hawaii partners with REV to assist our clients in maximizing return on investment while meeting sustainability objectives for commercial scale renewable energy projects.  In resort locations, particularly islands, we have proven through our partnership that “green” approaches to energy supply and energy efficiency can radically reduce costs while meeting socially desired goals. Green Building Hawaii is proud to collaborate with Jeff Bedard, Principal of Resort Energy Ventures.  With over 20 years of professional experience, Jeff has led the development of over $200M of projects throughout the United States. Projects have included both energy and real estate projects including mixed use, sustainable urban infill communities with retail, residential, office, and hospitality components, and more recently, solar energy, wind, and cogeneration applications. He has extensive experience working with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and has been advising the US Army in the development of $7 billion of renewable energy projects.

Unico is a real estate investor and full-service operator, focused on office and multifamily assets in the western United States.  Green Building Hawaii partners with Unico for its LEED for Existing Buildings projects.  With a strong commitment to high performance green buildings, Unico designs, develops, and operates buildings with strategies that support environmental conservation while delivering financial returns that maximize asset value. Green Building Hawaii collaborates with Brett Phillips, the Director of Sustainability for Unico’s real estate portfolio, managing energy and environmental conservation projects across Unico’s 13.2 million square foot portfolio and overseeing Unico’s sustainability consulting services for third-party clients.  His responsibilities include executing company-wide sustainability strategies, setting high performance operations standards, implementing green building best practices, and promoting sustainability to industry and government leaders.