Green Trainings and the Growth of Green Jobs


With 110,000 Green Jobs created in 2012, and growth projected to continue, pursuing a nationally recognized green certification is more valuable than ever before.

Two such credentials, offered by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) are the LEED Green Associate (GA) and the LEED Accredited Professional (AP) designations.  The LEED GA exam is administered by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), a third-party organization established in 2008 to administer the USGBC’s LEED building certifications and professional accreditations.  The only mandatory prerequisite to sit for the LEED GA exam is to be at least 18 years old, however, the exam’s Candidate Handbook recommends applicants to “have exposure to LEED and green building concepts through educational courses, volunteering, or work experience prior to testing.”   The LEED AP exam requires individuals to have passed the LEED GA exam and have specific experience working on a LEED project.  This approach results in all LEED APs having hands-on experience with LEED projects.  According to the USGBC a professional credential is important because “with new jobs specifying the need for expertise in LEED, the LEED professional credential helps you stand out by increasing your opportunity for employment, job stability and promotion, while underscoring your value to LEED project teams and sustainability-focused organizations.”

There are currently about 161,300 people in the United States who have obtained a LEED credential.  In Hawaii, there are 1,192 LEED credential holders.  Furthermore, there are 87 organizations that are members of the USGBC and those organizations employ about 111,000 people.  Since 2009, the number of LEED certified projects in Hawaii has gone from under 50 to over 300.  Indeed, there has been a rapid growth in the market for green jobs in Hawaii, and with state and federal goals and incentives firmly in place, growth is expected to continue at an even faster pace.  Click here to review a Hawaii Green Building brief from the USGBC.

Green Building Hawaii’s LEED trainings include best-in-class LEED exam preparation trainings that prepare students to sit for the LEED Green Associate (GA) and LEED Accredited Professional (AP) exams.  These trainings are engaging and extremely thorough and have allowed a very high percentage of our students to successfully pass their LEED exams.  We also offer the first and only LEED Project Experience training in the State of Hawaii, allowing participants to acquire the necessary project experience required by the GBCI to be able to sit for a LEED AP exam by participating in an actual Hawaii-based LEED project.  Contact us today to inquire about upcoming training offerings.