Energy Rebate Processing

Our Green Building Hawaii team can assist you in identifying and processing energy rebates and incentives that help to reduce your out of pocket costs and allow you to maximize your return on investment (ROI) for your energy efficiency or renewable energy projects.  We have helped numerous clients access these opportunities and can provide this as a stand alone service or as a component of a more comprehensive project.  We can assist based on client needs ranging from simply advising clients as to which rebates and/or incentives they may be eligible for to taking the project all the way through processing and implementation of energy measures.

Lighting and Air Conditioning Audits

Our highly skilled team is able to provide you with best in class residential energy audits, including audits specifically targeting more complex and energy intensive loads such as lighting and air conditioning. Our lighting audits can help you identify low cost and no cost improvements that can reduce your home’s energy consumption all while improving lighting quality and thermal comfort in your home. Our air conditioning and ventilation audits can help you drive down high costs associated with home cooling and help improve air circulation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality within your home. Our knowledge of cutting edge technologies and passive lighting and cooling strategies will ensure that your home is operating at peak efficiency while reducing environmental impact, ensuring occupant comfort and optimizing home durability.

Thermal Imaging Scans

Green Building Hawaii uses the latest technologies to conduct home performance testing and to troubleshoot any comfort or durability issues you may be facing in your home. We can provide full service thermal imaging scans that can help you to identify issues with building envelope integrity, thermal comfort and equipment efficiency. This includes being able to provide Energy Star thermal bypass checklist services.

Building Envelope Testing

Whether you are looking to maximize the tightness of your building envelope, optimize the insulation of your home or utilize natural ventilation strategies to reduce mechanical ventilation and cooling loads, our team can provide you with building envelope testing services to help you determine how best to design your building envelope for new construction or how best to improve your building envelope to complement your existing home design. We use technologies such as duct blasters and blower doors, coupled with industry know how to optimize your home’s performance.

Thermal Comfort Optimization

Being comfortable in your home is one of the most important benefits of home ownership. Our team can help you to optimize the thermal comfort of your home by helping you design features into your new construction project geared toward occupant comfort or addressing thermal comfort issues of your existing home. Our team engages our clients by helping to identify project goals and delivering solutions that meet client budgets.

Residential Insulation and Ducting Inspection

Blower Door Testing at Residential Project

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