Full Service Photovoltaic Analysis

By combining our in-house expertise with that of our strategic partner Resort Energy Ventures (REV) who boasts a background with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory  (NREL), we can deliver best in class commercial scale solar photovoltaic (PV) system design and analysis services.  We can deliver services ranging from initial feasibility review to full feasibility & design to complete project delivery.  Our strategic partnership enables us to deliver renewable energy policy design, deployment and project development, market and technology assessment, and financial analysis and consulting.

Building Design Reviews

Our Green Building Hawaii team can provide commercial building design review services for commercial new construction, major renovation and remodel projects.  We are able to review design documents to maximize opportunities and synergies targeted toward driving efficiency and high-performance for your project.  We can often provide suggestions and recommendations that will help you save money and add value to your project for the life of your building, while at the same time reduce environmental impacts and increase building occupant satisfaction.

Sustainability Program Development

Whether sustainability is a new concept for your organization or you are an organization that lives and breathes sustainability in your day-to-day operations, our team can help you develop and ramp up your sustainability program from the ground up.  We bring best practices and lessons learned to the table that can help you build a strong sustainability program effectively and efficiently, helping you avoid pitfalls and reducing learning curves.  Our sustainability consulting services include communications and outreach strategies, occupant and stakeholder engagement approaches (e.g. green teams), sustainability policy development, and customized tracking, monitoring & reporting systems.  Our comprehensive sustainability consulting services will help you meet both internal sustainability goals as well as external regulatory requirements, helping you become a sustainability leader!

Waste and Water Management

For those clients with projects needing targeted waste and/or water management consulting services, we offer best in class services helping clients develop customized solutions for waste minimization, recycling, composting, flow and flush fixture water efficiency, irrigation efficiency, rainwater capture and storm water management.  Our solutions will help you save money by reducing costs such as waste hauling and tipping fees and water utility and sewer bills, as well as helping you meet regulatory requirements and reduce environmental impacts.

Financing Strategies and Financial Analysis

Our team understands that for sustainability, conservation and efficiency to make sense, strategies and practices need to also make financial sense.  We have access to a host of creative financing opportunities including utility rebates and incentives, grant funding, performance contracting and power purchase agreements.  We can customize a solution to help reduce your project’s up front and life cycle costs and improve your return on investment, helping you to ensure that your project not only meets your efficiency and sustainability goals, but is also in-line with your financial targets.  In addition, we can assist in conducting financial analysis for your energy or sustainability project to help you determine whether a solution is financially viable and help you prioritize where your money may be best spent when considering a range of possible projects to pursue.

Team Meeting and Design Charette

Commercial Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System

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