Energy Rebate Processing

We can develop an optimized and customized energy rebate and incentive package to help you reduce the costs of you energy project(s).  We can assist in identifying energy rebates and incentives, processing applications and required documentation, and connect you with highly skilled contractors to implement your projects as well as provide quality control to make sure that the project is completed successfully and efficiently.  Don’t miss out on valuable energy incentives and rebates that can substantially reduce your project costs!

Lighting and HVAC Audits

When it comes to reducing energy costs, your low hanging fruits can often be found by optimizing your lighting systems and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.  Our team can help you identify low cost and no cost opportunities associated with lighting and HVAC loads that can substantially lower your electric bills, while at the same time improving indoor environmental quality, building occupant satisfaction, and reducing environmental impacts.  We have partnerships with seasoned experts in the fields of lighting and HVAC who can effectively and efficiently improve your building’s performance.  Available services include ventilation test and balance, lighting retrofits to improve lighting efficiency and lighting quality, and financial analysis to help you make an informed decision on project viability.

Thermal Imaging Scans

With our in-house expertise and cutting edge technologies, we can provide thermal infrared (IR) imaging scanning services for clients looking to identify possible issues they may be having with heat or cooling losses in their building, or for clients just needing to confirm that their building envelope and heating and cooling strategies are operating as designed.  We can also provide thermal IR imaging scanning services for a host of other troubleshooting measures such as assessing the performance of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and motor driven equipment.

Building Envelope Testing

For clients looking to ensure that their building envelope is performing as designed and wanting to avoid unnecessary cooling or heating of their spaces, we can provide building envelope testing services by using technologies such as blower door units and duct blasters.  We can also help clients with insulation inspections and high performance insulation strategies.

Occupant and Stakeholder Engagement

At Green Building Hawaii we recognize that no matter how good the technologies and strategies that we develop and aim to implement in our buildings are, projects will not be able to realize their full potentials if building occupants and stakeholders are not effectively engaged in the process.  A large percentage of efficiency and conservation opportunities in buildings are directly connected to building occupant behavior.  We can assist clients in developing building occupant and behavior change campaigns, developing and implementing stakeholder engagement strategies, and fostering buy-in, support and engagement in your energy and sustainability projects.  Our services in this area include organizing and facilitating design charrettes, developing interpretive signage to effectively communicate your messaging, and helping organizations develop organizational structures in order to empower individuals from within your organization to contribute to and develop a sense of ownership and leadership in furthering sustainability efforts.

Alex Processing Energy Rebates

John with Thermal IR gun on roof of Hyatt Maui

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